interactive advent calendar


With this interactive advent calendar I would like to welcome you into the new world of Thync. Within the next 24 days, I like to introduce you to the innovative platform, its unique functionalities and its countless applications. Thync will inspire you!

English version

interaktiver Adventskalender


Mit diesem interaktiven Adventskalender möchte ich Sie ganz herzlich in die neue Welt des Thync’s verführen und Ihnen die innovative Plattform und deren Funktionalitäten sowie die unzähligen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in den bevorstehenden 24 Tagen vorstellen.

Deutsche Version

calendário do Advento


Através deste calendário interativo do Advento, gostaria de convidá-lo ao novo mundo do Thync, navegando numa plataforma inovadora, desfrutando da sua funcionalidade bem como a diversidade de aplicações nos próximos 24 dias.

Versão Portuguesa


application possibilities
Content marketing with Thync.it is an incredibly powerful tool that will yield a high return on the investment. Especially in today’s online era.
Many of the popular methods we know (like radio, TV, magazines and newspapers) are often too expensive.
Thync.it is a lowcost but high-end marketing tool to connect and interact with your current and potential new customers.
Product identification is a broad category of labeling that includes functions such as product traceability, brand protection and various information labels like QR-Codes and NFC chips. With a rapidly changing business environment and constant threats from theft and counterfeit products, product identification labeling is critical. Labeling using Thync.it gives you the bennefit of flexible labeling and changing label content on the fly! Add manuals, videos, images whenever your want without changing the actual label.
Personal identification like 'emergency contact information', 'property recovery', 'medical information' and 'pet tagging' are some of the products built to fit your personal needs.
Thync.it is the tool to use to protect the your loved ones and your physical precious assets.
In order to provide a safe environment for residents, employees, and visitors, a maintenance program has been implemented to promote the maintenance of fixtures and equipment in a state of good repair and condition.
Inspecting usting Thync.it gives you the benifit of flexible inspections tool which you create and your inspectors use to inspect all type of assets. These inspetions are stored securely cloudbased, so you and your customers can acces the inspection reports 24/7.