Thync.it offers a new, modern and digital way of product identification. Each product or service becomes its own personal identity. Every Thync.it code is unique in the world and its content can only be customized and updated by the owner.
A distinction is made between public and confidential content. The public information such as contact information, operating instructions, certificates, application videos, pictures, texts, article numbers and serial numbers can be read with any smartphone with actual webbrowser. Confidential information is only available to authorized persons.
Only the Thync.it platform provides the same product information to all attendees in real time and independent of the location. This avoids misunderstandings in product identification.
Existing product labels can be easily updated with a Thync.it QR code or additional NFC chip. Product can also be retrofitted with a new Thync.it label.
In a rapidly changing business environment and constant threats of theft and counterfeit products, the clear and secure labeling of products is of critical and strategic importance.
Thync.it is successfully introduced for private and business personal identification. In emergency situations, immediate and reliable personal identification is essential. With any smartphone emergency contacts can be selected directly from the webapp (browser) and notified by Telephone, Whatsapp, E-Mail or Skype. At the same time important health data or medical information can be showed on the display. During data configuration, the user decides which information should be displayed for public or only for authorized persons.
In addition to the contact and health data, trainings, licenses or access authorizations can be stored in the business environment as well.
For commercial applications, membership and visitor cards, customer and stamp cards are individually marked with an individual Thync.it QR code. It can provide a variety of additional services (such as push news, membership and customer lists, specific promotions).
For animal application, a Thync.it QR code is also suitable for unique identification of pets, their owners, emergency contacts and health data.
The Thync.it platform is a high-quality and powerful but at the same time inexpensive marketing tool. Individual and targeted product information can be attached directly to the object by scanning the QR code or NFC chip. Share experiences with your current customers and win new customers. They will be able to contact you directly with their smartphone using many different communication channels.
All content can be updated at any time using the Thync.it management tool regardless of your current location.
A Thync.it QR code can be integrated directly into the product layout and thus copied as often as desired. You cna identify a complete product group with one single QR-Code.
The Thync.it QR codes and NFC chips are very well suited for paperless maintenance and inspection services. Each unique Thync.it code make it possible to unmistakable identify each object. Using the integrated inspection tool, you can design your own protocols, checklists or forms and assign them to the individual Thync.it codes. You can use any smartphone or tablet to fill and complete the forms. The data is stored directly on the Thync.it code itself and additionally in a separate database. All data can be exported as CSV or Excel list and for further process and evaluation.
All recorded data and logs are accessible directly on the Thync.it QR-Code at any time. Even reference pictures can easily be integrated with the own smartphone camera. For security, the data can also be stored in the secret area so that they are only accessible to authorized persons.
Entire inventory and directories can be created using the Thync.it codes.