T - Sticker

"You do not like to search for paper manual of your printer or any other equipment at home? Just attach the PDF-Version to your Thync.it sticker on your equiment or take a pictures of the label or leave a short text messagewith additional information like storage location or special requirements.

Tack your Thync.it Sticker on any product or equipment and attach all information you like - directly with your smartphone.

Type multiple text messages, take pictures and videos with your smartphone camera or import themn directly from our gallery.

Upload documents like a manuals, certificates, care instructions or warranty card.

Just decide whether the information is for public or private use and therefore not accessible for everybody.

Get directly alerted on your Smartphone APP if somebody is scanning and contacting you by telephone (Android App only)

Manage and organize your Thync.it Codes on your PC/MAC, Smartphone or Tablet directly on our preferrred browser. No additional Software is needed.

Integrated Pinboard function allows everybody to add pictures, videos or text message directly on your Thync.it Code.

Build up your personal social media community around your Thync.it Codes and share the content with your friends."